Sunday, February 5, 2012

~Bila Minda Mula Berkata ~

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DoNt sPeAk nOnSEnSe,,
AiN`t nEeD LetTeR oF cOnSeNt,,
jUsT uSe mY ComMoN SeNsE,,
pLuS a LiTtLe Of My iLLusSiOn,,
aSk FoR nOtHiNg iN ReTuRn,,
aNd ThErE WiLL be nO rEgrETs,,
bUt No OnE WiLL eVeR FoRgEtS,,
tRy To GeTs SoMe ReSpEcT,,
TrY tO aRcIvE ThAt TaRgEts,,
AiNt nO OtHeR ObJeCt,,
AiNt nO oThEr sUbJeCt..
nO oNe Can mAdE mE Mad..
ANd I HaRdLy Can Be Sad,,
StAnD uP FoR mY rIGhT,,
aS lOng As I cAN fIGHt,,
I dOnT kNoW wHy iT HaS tO Be
The sKy iS bLuE & tHe gRaSS iS gReNN,,
I dOnT kNoW wHy iT'S ReaLLy tRuE
oNe pLuS oNe aLwaYs eQuAL tWo..
I dOnT kNoW sO i HaVe tO gUeSS
tHeRe mAyBe tImE wHeN a No mEaNs YeS..
NoW LooK aRoUnd DoES aNybOdY kNoW wHaT gOiNg On..
nOw iT oK ThE WorLD KeeP SpiNnInG AnYWaY..
NOw WhY aSK WhY LOw Is LoW HiGh Is hIgH..
Now JuSt LeT it GO It`S aLLrIgHt iF yOu rEaLY DoNT KnOw...

beCauSe Its All About U ..... =,='



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